Robotics Skills Competitions

From September 18 till September 22, 2023 the Russian Robotics Week will host the Robotics Skills student competitions in robotics.


Competitions in the Mobile Robotics are organized by the Robotics Laboratory and the Energy Laboratory of the SUAI School of Engineering. Competitions in the Industrial Robotics, Mobile Robotics, Digital Twins & Offline Robot Programming will be held at SUAI (Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation). During competitions, participants will design, manufacture, assemble, install, program, control and maintain mechanical, electrical and robot control systems, as well as identify and troubleshoot problems in their control systems.

Robotics competitions include tasks on elements of mechanics and computer technology as well. Computer technology used in robotics is digital programming tools for automated robot control systems. Live video broadcasts from the competitions are planned during the Forum.


Visiting these competitions will give an insight into professional skill championships in robotics, an initial vision of future professions, practical forms of training for mastering these professions, and the prospects for innovative development of the robotics sphere.